"It's not easy being green." Kermit the Frog

"The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery, not over nature but of ourselves ."

Rachael Carson 

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."  Rumi

Sustainable Solutions for Your Everyday Needs.

Locally made, in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, handcrafted, sustainable products, made from reclaimed materials, for your life and home. Everything you need from diaper bags to shopping bags to gift bags, kitchen aprons to nursing aprons, grass mats to quilts, children's items to furniture restoration, and possibly more. All creations are crafted from 75% to 100% reclaimed material. All products can be washed in cold water and hung to dry. Most creations can be made to order  from preselected reclaimed materials.  All products are guaranteed to last.

Shopping Bags

Reusable sh​opping bags are a sustainable solution to plastic pollution.  Canadians alone use "9 to 15 billion" plastic bags every year. Unfortunately, plastic bags are often confused as food by wildlife, sometimes causing fatal injuries for whales, turtles, birds, fish, and other animals. One way to help reduce your ecological footprint is to use reusable shopping bags, and give up on those nasty plastic parasites. A reusable shopping bag need only be used "5 times" in order to have a lower environmental impact than their disposable counterparts.  Eco Delights has a large selection of shopping bags.  Click on the pictures to the left to check out the latest creations on Facebook, or you can take a look here,  in the  Gallery.

Purses & Travel Bags

Purses and travel bags come in a variety of different styles and sizes. Each unique bag is made from at least 75% reclaimed material. These bags make a beautifully sustainable gift for yourself or anyone in your life.  

Diaper Bags

These cheeky diaper bags are an excellent ecological option to many of their store bought counterparts; they are handcrafted,  locally made,  and no less than 75% of the bag is made from reclaimed materials, including hardware and zippers. These diaper bags are durable, washable, kid friendly, and easy to carry and look at. Some bag designs feature extra straps for backpack mode. 

Yoga Mat Bags

Yoga mat bags fit a standard size mat, up to 18 inches in diameter. Each strap is padded for comfort. Reversible bags can be pre-ordered. Bags are made from 100% reclaimed material. 

Nursing Covers

Nursing covers are made from 100% reclaimed fabrics & hardware, with the exception of boning material. Nursing aprons can be made to order (from preselected colours/patterns), and one size fits all. Nursing infinity scarves are also available, and are made from 100% reclaimed fabric.


Aprons are made from 100% reclaimed material. Aprons come in a variety of styles, sizes, colours, textures and patterns. These creations are great for baking, painting, gardening and potentially messy projects. 


Quilts are designed to keep you warm and to give you something beautiful to admire. Eco Delights creates both ragged and traditional patch work quits, each is unique in design, colour, and pattern.  Quilts are created from reclaimed materials, with the exception of inner batting.

Grass Mats

Grass mats are an excellent option for festivals, the beach, or picnics. Each mat is unique in style, colour, fabric, and size. The mats are made from 4 layers of 100% reclaimed, soft, light weight material, making them easy to carry, yet soft and durable.  All grass mats come with their own coordinating bag.

Dog Mats

Dog Mats are great for protecting your floor, furniture, bed,  or the back seat of your car. All mats are made from 4 layers of heavy, 100% reclaimed materials.  Mats come in a variety of sizes, and can be pre-ordered from preselected materials.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Odds and Sods for your home. A miscellaneous selection of useful items needed around the house or in your day to day life. All items made from 75% to 100% reclaimed materials (depends on the product). Do you have an idea of something you need that you don't see here? Let me know, I might be able to help.  

Helping to keep our footprint small.

Did you know that ECO Delights is choosing clean, pollution-free electricity while creating our products? With Bullfrog Power we’re reducing our environmental impact—and we’re supporting green energy projects across Canada! Find out how you too can make a difference at bullfrogpower.com